Gnas, Austria

David Trummer


David Trummer

Gnas, Austria

David ‘Daveboy’ Trummer started racing 4X with friends before switching to downhill. Years of dedication and hard work and racing all over Europe have paid off and have resulted in him getting the call and joining the YT Mob. The Austrian National Champion from Gnas, Austria, had a true breakout season in 2019 and had experts watching in disbelief after he secured three Top 10 finishes and completed the World Cup season as ninth overall. The 25- year-old will be looking to build on this success in 2020 and attack in hope of getting that first podium of his career.

Born: 1 June 1994
Nickname: Daveboy

Why do you ride: It's just the most fun thing for me.

What/who started you racing: I started racing 4X with a friend who also showed me Downhill.

Weakness: Remembering names.

Most important people in your life and career: In life generally probably my girlfriend and family, in my career my trainer.

Racing since: DH since 2010

Professional since: 2020

Best part of racing: When you cross the finish line and your time is green.

Hardest part: Crashing.

Worst moment in career: Pretty much the whole 2012 season (too many crashes and injuries).

Best moment in career: Hard to say, I've had many great moments already in my career.

General career goals: Winning a World Cup or World Champs.

Best idea of having good time: Riding together with my friends.

Favourite place to travel to: New Zealand.

Most respected mountain bike riders: Greg Minnaar.

Other most respected athletes: Ken Roczen.

Favourite Downhill Track: Schöckl.

Advice to beginners: Never give up.

Other sports: MX, Trial.

Other interests: Cars.

If I was not a professional mountain biker... Working in my Dad's car garage again but I would still ride my bike as often as possible.

  • Podium at a Worldcup
  • Defend Austrian Championship title
  • Repeat the World Cup Overall Top 10
Career Highlights


  • 2nd World Championships, Champery 2011

  • Austrian Champ 2011

  • IXS European Downhill Cup Overall winner 2012

  • Austrian Champ 2012


  • 6th World Cup Val di Sole 2019

  • 7th World Cup Andorra 2019

  • 8th World Cup Les Gets 2019

  • 13th World Cup Lenzerheide 2019

  • 14th World Cup Fort William 2019

  • 15th World Cup Maribor 2019

  • 17th World Champs MSA 2019

  • 3rd European Champs, Portugal 2019

  • IXS European Downhill Cup overall winner 2014

  • Austrian Champ 2015

  • 16th World Cup Andorra 2016

  • 17th World Cup Fort William 2016

  • Austrian Champ 2018

  • Austrian Champ 2019

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